BJJ (no GI) or grappling club or Krav Maga club ?

Hi all,

I am looking for a BJJ/Sambo club or grappling club which emphasize on No GI techniques.  I am myself Krav Maga instructor (e-g I teach to beginners) and I would like to know a club of BJJ/Grappling/Sambo which can gives good basis to improve my ground fight techniques. The instructor should speak in English because I am foreigner and my bulgarian is very weak.
Furthermore does anybody knows a good club of Krav Maga in Sofia to improve my skills ? I made a little research/try but could not find a decent place , I am looking for an expert.
I know that there is Commando Krav Maga who have an expert but its 50% not the same techniques as the authentic KM and KMG at Lozenets did not suit me.
I am living in Sofia - A club of BJJ / Grappling near a metro stop would be great.

Best Regards

MY COMBAT SAMBO -  Dianabad (1st floor) at 18:30.
str. Tintyava, N 32

казано от James Hinks на 11.05.15, 16:38:
MY COMBAT SAMBO -  Dianabad (1st floor) at 18:30.
str. Tintyava, N 32

Thanks for your prompt answer.
Actually I ve been to Real pain once, it looked nice and they had black belt from Brazil when I visited them , but I think its bit far away from metro Station. I Will check if a bus can bring me there more easily.
I will check the other links :)

well the 2 BJJ clubs are quite far from metro station ... Realpain and Twisted , I have heard good feedback about Twisted
I know Ilinden as I pratice Combat Sambo (good sport by the way). They do also Sambo during week , so I ll double check since the metro is close to my work.

Any other places to pratice ground fight ?

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