Vegetarian for a month


I tend to eat a lot of meat and meat products as every average gym attender. Despite my almost-proper-diet, I gained pretty much weight that I don’t need whatsoever. I have recently met an inspiring person who challenged me to try one month without meat. I accepted it as this won’t be hard for me - my diet contains a lot of dairy products, so I won’t be concerned about the protein intake and loss of muscle mass. Scivation Xttend BCAAs is here help, so I have decided that reducing the carbs should be also part of the strategy.

I gave up all meat in the fridge to my roommate. Not a good feeling but at least he is happy. 
General energy level - 10/10
Mood - I was quite unhappy that day as my foreign friend left the country - 3/10
Hunger -  0/10
Workout quality - as I was busy with my foreign friend, so I was not able to train for at least 4 days. I felt great upon my return to the gym, so it seems the rest was just on time - 10/10
Motivation - 10/10

DAY 2 and 3

I did not feel any change except that the lower calories intake made me hungrier. Oddly, I needed just a boiled egg as a snack to get back on the track. The friendly office environment recovered my good mood, so I feel great.

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